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WTB Jank Cassettes, Records, & CD

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Hello! I'm desperately hoping to find the following JANK items (striking-through items as I find them:)

  • Awkward Pop Songs Cassette:
    • Green Pressing
    • Blue Pressing
    • Green Tint Pressing
    • Purple Tint Pressing
    • Light Blue Pressing
    • Light Pink Pressing
  • Awkward Pop Songs CD
  • Little Elephant Sessions:
    • Black Lathe
    • Clear Lathe
  • J A N K ! / \/\/eed is Tight 7" Lathe Cut
  • Versace Summer Cassette


Me and my girlfriend are huge JANK fans who happened to find them too late and I'd love to surprise her with getting my hands on any of these things. I'm willing to pay a bit extra than most people would expect to pay (especially on the Versace Summer Cassette and Clear Little Elephant Session Lathe), I'm really desperate to get these. Even if you have only one of these items, please let me know. If you have any other JANK merch you think I'd be interested in, PLEASE let me know, I can almost guarantee you I'd love to get my hands on it.  I could really use your help. Thanks again! :)

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