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Guitar stolen... Anyone have experience with UPS theft?

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1 minute ago, Derek™ said:

Nice, I kind of know what you're getting at – not specifically a Methodist church, but there's a fairly big one north of where I live, and they do a lot of social events throughout the week and have their own band, etc.


That being said, did you have any developments on the case of your missing guitar?  It's been a few days and I'm sure these things take time to resolve, but hopefully you have a bit more direction than when you first created the thread, by now.

Other than a few frustrating back and forth emails with Adorama's customer service department, no real developments. The emails feel like those automatic form filled emails with just a few personal details thrown in so you know you're not totally dealing with a robot. They've asked like 3 different times for me to send a picture of the damaged item for the insurance claim...... I think I finally have them on the same page as far as realizing that I didn't actually receive a guitar, so that's something I suppose.  


I did check the front desk footage today and the ups guy didn't walk in with a guitar sized box so I do have proof that it never made it inside the building. At the end of the day, I'm covered under the PayPal buyers protection, so if all else fails I should at least get my money back (hopefully). 

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5 minutes ago, vinyl addict said:

When they ask for a picture of the damaged item,  send a pic of the K-cups inside the guitar box.


Seriously though, have you contacted UPS as well? My guess is it was stolen somewhere in the UPS chain of custody.

Yea, I sent them all those pics that I posted in the first post and a couple more. I think they finally get it. 


Adorama has opened a claim with UPS and with all of this happening over the weekend I'm trying to be as patient as I can. If I don't at least have some kind of reassurance though by tomorrow that they are handling this, I will take a direct line with UPS. The little contact I have had with Adorama so far doesn't inspire a ton of confidence. 

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8 hours ago, atticus said:

Good news! I got my guitar!! It's pretty awesome. I may never play a standard tuned electric again. I definitely won't ever shop Adorama again, and I'll do my best to avoid ups if I can help it, but damnit if this isn't a sweet little instrument. 



Soooooo....Where was it? Who stole it? What took so long?

We wanna hear the details.

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Haha.. Sorry to keep you all waiting.. I knew I had PayPal protection and I really wanted the deal on the guitar so I played the bullshit back and forth game with their "customer service" bots.. It was super frustrating, but after a while it became almost comical. It came down to ups sending someone out to "collect the damaged item for inspection" (still couldn't make anyone understand that the guitar never arrived). I took a bunch of time stamped photos of the packaging and even a selfie with the ups guy and the packaging and got a pickup receipt. Another week goes by and I didn't hear anything so I reached out again. They sent me a tracking link that showed everything was enroute to them and stalled out in New Jersey and told me to keep watching the tracking for updates. About a week later the tracking changed to say something like, "item unavailable for inspection" even though it had shown up as being sent back already. I reached out to customer service again and no joke, they respond that ups would be sending someone out to inspect the damaged item and collect it to return to them. I then sent them all of my photos and a copy of the pickup receipt. Without any sort of shipping notification or communication from Adorama 2 days later a new guitar showed up. Haven't heard a word from them since. 

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