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PO Now: Gorillaz - Humanz (Also the 'OG' Discussion Thread)

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Just now, djghost1976 said:

I was able to just get a box set using Safari.  Not sure if that makes a difference.  Did I really just spend that much on this thing?  :-/

Look at it this way - if your regret is overwhelming, you'll have no problem recouping the cost you paid. Or just canceling.

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4 minutes ago, lethalenforcer said:

I can't believe that Box isn't even signed by Damon...

Trust me, it's harder to get Jamie's sig than Damon's. It's worth it. It's his artwork and some of his pieces go for alot of money. 

1 minute ago, natenomm said:

I'm gonna hold off on a deluxe edition and hope full a Bull Moose/Amazon option. I want those 4 songs, dammit.

I got you on those four songs.


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