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Ministry - In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live)

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3 hours ago, hammertime said:

One of my all-time favorite live albums.

Same. I don't often go for live albums, but there are some that stuck with me because they were either my intro to the band or just have amazing variations of songs I love. The ladder applies to this one. "So What" itself is worth the price of admission. Wish I'd been able to see them on this tour. Used to have the VHS, and wish the CD/vinyl had the full set. But I'll be getting this soon enough.

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3 hours ago, museummouth said:

Been meaning to get into this band. Would this be a good starting place?

Depends on your tastes. If you disregard Al's first album "With Sympathy" as a straight synth-pop album that the label supposedly controlled then "Twitch" and "Land of Rape and Honey" are both excellent but way more Electronic/Industrial sounding. Their roots are from Wax Trax! Records in Chicago and they really shaped the whole label and scene. They got more into guitars after Paul Barker joined the band around "Mind" and then went all out with it at Psalm 69. Both of which are really great albums.  I also really love Filth Pig which came out after it but it was not as well received and it is a bit slower and more doomy than their previous albums.  So if you prefer more "synths" go with Twitch and LORAH, but if you are more into guitars go with Mind or their most popular album Psalm 69 (the Jesus Built my Hotrod single sold over a million copies). All of those albums have great moments. But I would definitely start with any of these as it was their strongest output. I used to run their official website back in the day and really love the band and have seen them countless times. Glad this album is finally easier to get.


Check out these songs on youtube for an idea of how they progressed: We Believe, Land of Rape and Honey, So What, Thieves, N.W.O, Just One Fix, Lava. And then listen to "Everyday is Halloween" just for fun.

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39 minutes ago, museummouth said:

The only song I know is Stigmata, which rips. 


Thanks for all the insight!

As good as the studio version of Stigmata is, the one on here is better. I would say that the versions of So What, Thieves, Burning Inside and Stigmata are better than the studio versions.

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