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PO NOW: Elder - Reflections of A Floating World 2XLP [Stickman/Armageddon Label] [6/2/17]

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Stickman Records (Seafoam Green Vinyl)

Napalm Records (Black Vinyl)

Amazon UK (Unspecified variant)



Armageddon Label (A/B Light Blue/Red ; C/D Red/Green Vinyl)

Deathwish, Inc. (Bone/Orange Mix Vinyl)

Revolver USA/Midheaven (Clear/Green Vinyl)

Tee Pee Records (Rainbow Splatter)





1. Sanctuary [11:13]
2. The Falling Veil [11:12]
3. Staving Off Truth [10:18]
4. Blind [13:23]
5. Sonntag [8:39]
6. Thousand Hands [9:36]


Band members and friends Nick DiSalvo, Jack Donovan and Matt Couto already dismissed any last remains of stoner metal stereotypes on "Lore" (2015). Their current album, which was written following the long and acclaimed Lore tour in moments ofintense creativity, is a journey into prog rock and psychedelic worlds. Six monumental songs, huge in sound, each of them their own cosmic expedition. What begins as driving mid-tempo rock filled with heavy guitar riffs repeatedly erupts into melodic tangents and clever variations. The high demands that DiSalvo places on his own songwriting seem to become more unfettered from minute to minute – as does the pleasure of listening to him. Guest musicians Michael Samos and Mike Risberg have added additional guitars, pedal steel and keyboards to the trio, making Elder’s sound more voluminous than ever, and the influences found here range from 70s prog dinosaurs such as Yes, King Crimson or Pink Floyd to their kindred spirits in the European psychedelic and space rock scenes. And it is of course a cliché, but Elder bring their own organism to life from all these influences.



Elder already strike out on their chosen path on the album opener “Sanctuary”. What begins as a trademark stoner song turns on its own axis several times at minute four, morphing into lyrical polyphonic pickings and using a Mellotron to sweet-talk its way to an unfathomable and brutal finale. “The Falling Veil” moves between Thin Lizzy with palpitations and undulating progressive riffs. Those who think of Kyuss during “Staving off Truth” won’t be able to hold that thought the entire 11 minutes of the song. And as hymn-like as the riffs can be, the band never settles down to one part for longer than two minutes. But at the same time, the songs never lose their coherence, because all parts are logically woven into one another. And it could be that “Sonntag”, a detour into the Krautrock motorik functions of Neu!, most clearly shows the limitless cosmic ambitions of Elder.

Elder will be taking Reflections of a Floating World live to European fans in July and August 2017, followed by a USA tour in the fall. The East Coast trio will be a quartet for the first time ever on these tours with the addition of Mike Risberg on second guitar and keyboards. Anybody who has already seen Elder live know that they shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see them on this tour! It’s time to get euphoric. With Elder’s fourth full-length album, an epic piece of rock music will be released unto the world. And we think that’s a reason to celebrate...



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Presale May 1st. New track May 5th.

I've listened to this record every single day since its release...probably found my AOTY already!

Here's a nice video of one the new songs being performed live last year:


I imagine its probably changed a bit by the time they began recording last December. I'm sure there are about 2 to 3 more contiguous guitar tracks dubbed in that no one man could ever perform live. They posted a few months back that they added another guitarist for live performance.  Mike Risberg from Nick's side project Gold & Silver will be joining them. I heard they played a few shows with him at the end of last year but I haven't seen any footage on youtube.


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That's how I felt about a lot of passages on Lore but I've since come to terms with it and found that I rather enjoy those parts now. I was very stuck in the dingy, dark 70's proto-metal/classic Rock mindset that Dead Roots Stirring had going for it and didn't like that Elder were moving toward more 2000's sounding post Rock with Lore but according to a new interview, the interviewer assesses ROAFW as having a more 70's vibe. I don't know. I guess we'll see/hear. We get a new track on the 5th. I hope its awesome. 


Here's the new interview: http://outlawsofthesun.blogspot.de/2017/04/an-interview-with-nick-disalvo-from.html?m=1



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7 minutes ago, whoshotthefrog said:

This is the link I've been checking all day to buy the album. Not up yet.



Same. I've also checked Deathwish, Inc. because they did pre-orders for Lore but I haven't seen any info about them participating in a pre-order this time around. Since I started this thread I'll take the opportunity to ham up and express that I'm completely disappointed that this pressing is colored. I was thoroughly expecting black for the first run as it was with Lore.

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