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Looking to sell off some of my prized possessions to pay off some upcoming bills. Getting married is expensive lol. Take a look! Willing to negotiate, but probably not a whole lot. Shoot me your best offer if seriously interested.


Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - The Bride and the Boxcar Boxset (5 different colored records/out of 300/ hand numbered) - opened and played, but only once or twice that I can recall. NM $150ppd PENDING


Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Not Animal! (Sealed with hype sticker) $70ppd PENDING

Dredg - Catch Without Arms (Sealed/Lime Green/out of 1250) $60ppd


The album leaf - in a safe place silver grey

animals as leaders - s/t clear with 3D glasses

battles - mirrored 

the bled - pass the flask silver

the bled - found in the flood blue teal

brand new - deja entrndu (black repress)

cartel - the ransom cream with some starburst

cartel - chroma rsd 

cassino - kingprince cream

circa survive - appendage maroon

circa survive - juturna 10 anni 3xLP different colors

circa survive - descenses yellow/black

circke takes the square - as the roots undo grey blue swirl

copeland - you are my sunshine white

the cure - kiss me kiss me kiss me red rsd 

death cab for cutie - transatlanticism (German misprint version)

death cab for cutie - kitsugi gold/white

decemberists - beautiful/terrible world newbury teal?

decemberists - picaresque red rsd 

dillinger escape plan - ire works silver

dillinger escape plan - Miss machine silver

dillinger escape plan - option paralysis silver

dredg - catch without arms lime green

eatly november - rooms too cold green/blue

emery - the question red

fall of Troy - ok rainbow? 2nd press

fall of Troy - manipulater (whole bunch of colors) 2nd or 3rd press

feist - the reminder red

fly away kite - weightless bronze

format - everything 

good old war - broken into better shape signed

goo goo dolls - dizzy up the girl pink signed

grizzly bear - sorry for the delay white

the hold steady - boys and girls in America white

incubus - morning view rsd #d

jimmy eat world - futures blue

john Nolan - sad strange beautiful dream amber

Kendrick lamar - untitled unmastered signed

kendrick Lamar - pimp a butterfly clear cream bootleg

maps and atlases - perch patchwerk 

maps and atlases - you me and the mountain

Maroon 5 - songs about Jane maroon white black swirl

mew - frengers white

mew - and the glass handed kites clear rsd

mewithoutyou - brother sister moon variant

mewithoutyou - pale horses "rainbow" deluxe (it's not rainbow)

Minus the bear - planet of ice purple 1st press

Offspring - americana 1st press

right away great captain signed 2nd press (this was one of the leftover "damaged" ones he sold at shows. Just some corner dings if anything)

Saison - saison clear black smoke

regina spektor- begin to hope rsd

saves the day - sound the alarm

saves the day - stay what you are purple

the sound of animals fighting - lover the lord has left us 180g /300

sound of animals fighting - tiger and the duke 180g /300

sir sly - gold ep gold

soul asylum - grave dancers union red/green

Stray light run - prepare to be wrong red rsd 

stray from the path - make your own history cream

thrice - artist in the ambulance red

weatherbox - follow the rattle of the afghan guitar ice blue?

you me everything we know - dogged green starburst

Young statues - young statues purple

young statues - flatlands are your friend - grey starburst


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