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Warner Music Launches Fan-Driven, Vinyl-Only Label: Run Out Groove

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5 hours ago, natenomm said:

Having an A side and D side at 9 minutes or less is an interesting pressing decision.

It's the same way they pressed it originally. 


I remember when I first heard about this band. I had a free sub to EW because of a best buy purchase...and they had a review of Now Here is Nowhere. This was such an amazing review, that I had to hear this music. I called every music store I could on Long Island, and finally found it at a Border's Books and Music about 50 miles away. I drove out there, and picked it up, fell in love with this band from that day on. 


Here's the original review from EW. I had it in magazine form though, 




Okay, i'll stop waxing nostalgic now. I've wasted too much of your time already...



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On 3/29/2017 at 7:38 PM, mucusoffmybrain said:

Hey, this won and is now for presale for Fowty Dollaz: http://runoutgroovevinyl.com/now-here-is-nowhere-2lp.html


Or...you could go with Bull Moose for $13 less: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/24990112/secret-machines-now-here-is-nowhere-180-gram-color-vinyl-run-out-groove-limited-edition

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2 hours ago, natenomm said:

Bull moose is 35.97 now. And it's not shipping til July? I paid a hefty amount for the one I have, I don't know if it's worth it for me to buy this, haha

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Just now, Canuckle said:

Even though the limited may be timed based and not press count, that's still limited...


Interested to see what comes out of this, especially the quality and timelines around these releases given the backlog at pressing plants. Will Warner pull rank and ensure these get pressed in a timely manner?

This is one reason I wanted to order from Bull Moose.  I don't get charged until it actually ships so if it takes forever or if the first couple releases come out and they're not great I can easily cancel and my money isn't tied up.

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I know this comes across as a cheesy gimmick, but I actually think this is a fine idea. For now, I'm very behind this.

I mean, the Warner Music catalog goes deep.


Without digging into each sub-label's catalog, I'd be willing to bet that there's probably between 20-50 "must have" releases somewhere in there for any given user on this board. There's so much stuff that either hasn't had a vinyl pressing for a long while, or has never been pressed on vinyl at all.

Here's an example of mine: Harvey Danger-King James Version which was released by Sire which is owned by Warner. Another example: the catalog of The Corrs (don't savage me on this-it's really well done pop music), all of which were released on 143, Lava, Atlantic, Eastwest, or Atlantic (depending on the territory), all of which are Warner labels. If there's even a chance that any of these get pressed, I'm all for this concept.

I'm probably going to put down for Secret Machines. I somehow completely missed the boat on these guys the first time around but this thread diverted my attention to them. I checked the album in question on YouTube and it's right up my alley.

I think this could be a good concept overall, provided the pricing doesn't get out of hand.

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