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[PO Soon] King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Murder of the Universe (June 23)

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$45 for this at Flightless, fucking hell. Variants look cool and I would go for one of the vomit ones (not sold out) but I think I'll pass and pay less for an indie variant at a local shop. "30 page illustrated story book" sounds cool and all and I love art but I'm not looking to pay extra for that kind of stuff when I'm buying an album.

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1 hour ago, jack8urt0n said:

Based on the tracks they have streamed, I think a companion story book makes a lot of sense this time. There is a lot of talking.

Just had a look back at the OP after posting and the ATO versions are half the price, with 30 pages of illustration/story as well. So yeah, I'm not spending $45 for a different color vinyl.


Edit: I haven't heard anything from the album yet and all this talk of talking on the album worries me. 

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1 hour ago, Kanye West said:

My record came in last night. Listening now and it RIPS so far. Only on side A though.

Sadly had a split on the spine right over the album title :| -- Seeing if Flightless has any extra jackets. Bummer. 

Mine was split too, and some others on the KGATLW subreddit had the same problem. It's probably because of the booklet bouncing around in the widened sleeve.

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1 hour ago, warhenrecords said:

I too find it lame to not get a record that you pre-ordered by the release date.


You find it lame that an indie label on the other side of the world didn't get you a record on the street date?


They aren't amazon. 


I find that comment hilarious from some one who runs a label. Even as funny as you constantly downloading leaks of records and commenting on them

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Well as someone who runs a label, I try pretty hard to mail pre-orders out as soon as I have them on site, regardless of whether you live in my city or if you live overseas. Release dates are kind of arbitrary, no? If it's just sitting there in your warehouse/office/storage space/basement/whatever, why not send it? Maybe they have publicity ties that prevent them from launching or something, but I subscribe to the method of getting the product to the consumer as quickly as possible.

I mean, yeah I know they are half way across the world and DIY, etc, just find it interesting that the release date has come & gone and I haven't gotten any notification about anything regarding that record since I gave them nearly $50 for them to ship it to me. In April. For a June 23 release date.


lol at "constantly downloading leaks."

Yeah, I've asked for them. Usually for a record that I've pre-ordered. Like this Gizz, which I ordered through the indie at a more expensive price vs. ATO, which is cheaper & easier. But how are you to know that? You aren't, so whatever, it's a circular argument.

Would you like to DL something from me? I will happily send you some links if you hear something you like.

That goes for anyone.

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