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VC General Guidelines and Not-So FAQ *** READ BEFORE POSTING FOR THE FIRST TIME! ***

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This is a pretty open community and resource for music listeners and record collector nerds.


Here are some Guidelines and “Rules” if you’re coming in as a newbie or even the more pretentious asshole regulars.


  • VC is not a “what is this record worth?” kinda place. Take those queries and research to Disccogs and eBay. Not here.

  • Looking for info on that "rare" album you found at your parent's basement? There's a thread dedicated to that type of stuff. Post your queries there. Don't create a new thread asking info about that shitty Beatles record you found at Goodwill.

  • Ask a dumb question…and that’s subjective…and expect to get ridiculed and ribbed and flamed especially with plenty of gifs. Don’t take it too personal as it’s only in the Internet.

  • Be courteous and respectful towards others and each other. We all have different tastes in music and how we choose to spend our money on THE HOBBY!!!

  • Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

  • If you act like an asshole to others, expect to be suspended and/or banned without any warning.

  • Trolls will not be fed for long. We’ll have some fun at your expense at first but it’ll all be over once it’s not funny anymore.

  • If you don’t have any plans to be a constructive and contributing member of this community…just move on. No deadwood here.

  • Your favorite band/artist announced a new album? Great! Don't start a "PO SOON" thread unless there's any solid & legit info on a vinyl release. Get hyped about the release on the EE board. Don't clutter the main board yet.

  • This isn't a forum for 'witch hunts'. If you have a personal issue with a band, artist, label, or individual please don't attempt to use VC as a personal army.

  • Please do not 'Jr. Mod' the boards. Spamming a thread with demands that an user be banned or suspended is not helpful. Using the Report system is the best way to make sure the staff sees and deals with an issue accordingly.

  • Have fun and enjoy the music. And records. And cassettes.

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Great list!

Possible edit: Don't like it?  Don't buy it. Don't cast judgement on those who do. (i.e. We can all waste our money as we see fit)


Considerations: Bootlegs, Flippage/Halo.2 behavior/bravado/bragging, and some plea to contribute to the community before asking for something (we all look at post counts...a first post of "hey, can someone buy me ABC from XYZ" isn't a great way to introduce yourself)

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