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PO NOW : BoxCar Racer

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10 hours ago, psus2h said:

Tom has been doing the TD for ages, but also occasionally does the "doodle" signature that is TOM. the the O being an alien holding the T and the M.  


If you think really think Tom's signature is lazy look at Matt Shadows from A7X.  It's simply the letter M. 

Well he does go by M. Shadows so I don't really understand the problem here

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2 hours ago, tug said:

Lol does this really need a vinyl pressing?


2 hours ago, Derek™ said:

Not any more or less than any given Used record requires a press.


2 hours ago, tug said:

This was a one album one year emo side project of punk blink.  Album had 2 hit songs. This is a YouTube streamer for most. But I guess everything goes vinyl these days so it's cool. 

To be fair, I once saw the Used open for Box Car at the Tabernacle in Atlanta (on Halloween). 

I don't really have a point other than I used to have terrible taste in music. Technically I still do, in a nostalgic sense. 

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4 hours ago, Holo said:

No, but that The Used live thing they did for RSD did.

stop trolling me please.

3 hours ago, DafTyler said:

Tug, my man, you listen to the used. A band that hasn't been relevant since 2005. That made 2 OKAY albums that are mainly listened too for nostalgic purposes. 

Bashing other people's tastes from you is just irony. 

yes i listen to the greatest band ever a lot, i am not seeing your point.  but i am not bashing anyones taste it music, i love the songs 'i feel so' and 'there is' but i just thought it was laughable to see this topic.  no offenese to someone who has BCR as their favorite band and spins this everyday.


3 hours ago, Derek™ said:

DafTyler gets it.  I'm hardly a Boxcar fan, tug, but how does it make you feel that a "one album, one year" project that's worthy of a YouTube stream, at best, is more respected and relevant than anything The Used has put out in 12 years?  Yowza.

but it aint.  the used have entered year 17 as a band and remain one of the most beloved bands of the era.  i just thought this was a funny topic to see and meant no bad by it but i guess everything i say on here gets a possie coming my way with pitchforks and flaming torches so i can never win.

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