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So many things wrong with this sentence.

Hey friends. It's been a bit.  I finally saw Mono last night and thought you all would appreciate. It was an amazing show in a tiny venue with a light quiet crowd. It was perfect. 

Just got these beauties today !  

Possibly one of the best gigs I saw was when Oceansize played the entirety of Frames a week before recording it down. Was such a small club. I've also bootlegged it, but didn't share it at the time, but can imagine the band's over that now so if anyone likes dirty sweaty audience recordings, PM me.

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New Constants album for PO Wednesday!

First album since 2012, honestly super pumped; Foundation/Machine/Ascension is one of my all time favorites.


"our new record “devotion" will be available for pre-order this Wednesday 4.22.20 on our bandcamp page.
we wrote and recorded one brand new song for the album to round out a collection of bsides, covers and remixes we've collected over the past decade or so. we're really excited to share something new with you, and to officially welcome our brother Joel M Reynolds who has joined us on guitar."

No photo description available.

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On 4/11/2020 at 9:39 PM, Affenpuller said:

definitely give it a try, i have just ordered a copy after listening to it all day on spotify!

You and @omik11303were absolutely right about that Barrens record. Addictive stuff.


Also, this was released the other day and it's well worth it:


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7 hours ago, Gumbo72203 said:

newest Of The Vine single came out today, and if you liked East-The-Water, you'll dig this.  Really really nice chill vibes. 



Vinyl is up at A Thousand Arms too....  /100 for USA so act fast.  Their shit is moving quickly these days. 

I liked the OG version of Morrissey better sans vocals but I still like this.  Although it takes a bit too long to get to its peak.  Waiting to hear the whole album before deciding on vinyl.



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You guys should check out this random band I came across.  


Parachute For Gordo


Kind of hard to describe but maybe a heavier, proggier sounding Vasudeva?  “Markhor Parkour” & “A Dingo Ate My Disco” are absolutely ridiculous.  “Dingo...” has the tastiest bassline I’ve heard in a minute.

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On ‎4‎/‎11‎/‎2020 at 12:38 PM, dawhizz said:

I don’t know how they’re thought of around here (if at all), but I’d kill for a new Soup album right about now. 

Someone's been reading my vision board - New Soup album apparently coming in 2020 (per e-mail received today from mailing list).  Haven't seen any other details on it. 

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15 minutes ago, Gumbo72203 said:

I can't tell what that face is supposed to be.  He posted it on his page.  They were sitting on their porch. 

I don’t follow “Ryan from Holy Fawn” on social media, so for anyone else curious, here are the full details he’s provided.

tl;dr – Sounds like they were just on their porch (after curfew) with some protestors who were attacked and needed refuge.  Crazy.


first of all i want to say i'm absolutely mortified that my frustration with the events surrounding us negatively affected alex's wellbeing. i own that entirely. but we're home and mostly okay so here's what happened.


last night, alex and i were arrested. we got tackled into the gravel basically on our own property by multiple cops marching in a militarized formation, arrested, separated, and detained for several hours for being outside our front door after 8pm. we were housing 3-4 protesters that were gassed and shot at and needed water/refuge. this was not in a public area. they were on our porch. they cuffed us and several dozen others surrounding the situation, threw us on a hot correctional bus and did not explain what was happening or going to happen. they took their time and laughed at all of us for hours outside while 20-30 of us waited to find out what was going to happen. eventually they let some of us go without booking us but with no communication other than "take your shit and leave" like it was some 50/50 chance of catch and release. alex's ribs and shoulders are banged up and her shirt literally has boot prints on it. she's like 100lbs and two cops needed to take her down? i don't fucking think so. they wanted to. this was FUN for them. my wrist, back, and shoulder are cut up for the same reasons. they enjoyed tf out of this. they smiled and laughed and joked around. we're still processing wtf happened.


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11 hours ago, seku said:

^Know those guys for years, worth checking if you haven't. At the same time My Proud Mountain has great deal for previous TESA album, "Ghost" (until June 20th): 10euro for 2xLP and free CD with "Control" preorder.

Mmm... James Plotkin.  Thanks for sharing, had no idea they had a new album.

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Some of you guys will probably like to know this....  A Thousand Arms just became the USA distro for Leech.  Represses of The Stolen View are on their way, so keep an eye out for that.  In the meantime, if you still haven't picked up their latest, or the Instarmental stuff ( i think you guys will dig that) then now you've got an affordable way of procuring. 




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I’d get the GIAA - AIVAIB remaster if it wasn’t $25 to ship it. 

Also, Gifts From Enola - From Fathoms got a Dunk pressing. So that’s pretty cool. 


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