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Arctic Rodeo Recordings will release the debut EP of a new project called CAMORRA,  including J Robbins (JAWBOX, BURNING AIRLINES, CHANNELS, OFFICE OF FUTURE PLANS, GOVERMNET ISSUE), Jonah Matranga (FAR, NEW END ORIGINAL, ONELINEDRAWING, GRATITUDE, I IS ANOTHER) and Zach Barocas (JAWBOX, BELLS≥ ), supported by Janet Morgan (CHANNELS) and members of WAR ON WOMEN and THE PAUSES.

As for the group’s mission, Katy Otto’s liner notes provide an accurate sense of the protest in CAMORRA‘s music. She writes, "We are a world starving for dignity, empathy, and justice. In order to keep working for these things, our souls need to be shored up. The plaintive songs on this album beg for that, for all of us."

The debut EP by CAMORRA will be called "Mourning, Resistance, Celebration" and is going to be out on vinyl 10" June 30.

ARR068_Camorra_artwork-1024x1024.jpg  ARR068_Camorra_photo01-1024x576.jpg

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5 hours ago, Deathbyart said:

Pre-ordered the turquoise.. Can not wait. I am a sucker for anything Jonah, let alone Jawbox. 


Note: I did however receive an odd PayPal note about an issue. Using this as a reminder to go back and check.


We are having this issue with every order of this record for some reason. So we did some research to figure ot what the problem is because we have never had this problem before.  We finally made it to find out to figure out what the reason is: It seems Paypal checks every single payment for every single order to see if there is any criminal mafia background or connection due the band’s name. That's pretty weird.

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