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Seems like they're pretty random with no real dates set in stone. Alkaline Trio was back in January and then the Hot Rod Circuit was 2 weeks go. And they dont really announce it until a few days before and in the case of HRC they were up on the site 2 days before it was even posted on social media.  As far as what they said is going to be released  they listed "The Annvirsary, Saves The Day, Hot Rod Circuit, The Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, and more."


I'm hoping for Ups & Downs, In Reverie, The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, Swiss Army Romance, all the Vagrant Reggie records, Reality Is Coming Through, The New Amsterdams Catalog. Probably a few more that I'm forgetting.

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6 minutes ago, pepperonigin said:

Hmm, these are expensive but wouldn't mind adding some of these to the collection. Anyone familiar with Guilt Show by Get Up Kids? I stopped getting their albums once On A Wire came out. Always enjoyed everything I had listened to up until that point though.

Guilt Show is alright. I like On a Wire and the earlier stuff better though.

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33 minutes ago, underwaterzoo said:

The emanuel debut would be the best.


21 minutes ago, siberiankiss said:

1000x this.

A Mark, A Mission, A Brand A Scar would be nice too!

I'm friends with friends of theirs, and I know that half the city of Louisville would buy it if it were pressed haha. There's actually a 1/1 test  of a 7" that exists and the drummer's brother has it iirc. 

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1 hour ago, crossedoutname said:

Anyone remember Audio Learning Center?.... I thought they were terrible

I just remember one music video from one of those Vagrant dvds, and remember growing to really like it after hearing it 1000 times in the rotation. Only song i ever heard from them. Not even sure they were still a band when high-speed internet and streaming music became a household thing. *ahem* Myspace :D

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