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32 minutes ago, birdwell said:


Would be excited if they didn't sound awful!


i got amped when they announced the Self-Titles first album and pre ordered it immediately.  I can safely say I have yet to be more disappointed as far as vinyl releases are concerned....the artwork looked like they scanned a CD booklet and blew it up at kinkos and it is probably the worst vinyl master I've spun on my turntable.  I like Hang-Ups better than the self-titled and still haven't picked it up because of how awful the self-titled was all around.   Hope they don't screw up Stomping Ground and Darrin's Coconut Ass for y'all.

I skipped the s/t due to all the bad feedback on it, hope they sort it this time, somehow I doubt it though

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On 8/19/2017 at 8:58 PM, lbw87 said:

So i got #93/475 of the smartpunk exclusive and its literally clear...no oxblood smoke. Variant or this typical of anyone elses copy?

Yup. Might as well have said it was just a clear variant. It's ever so slightly hazy but there's barely anything.


I just realized I got #94/475 lol. We must've ordered at the same time.

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