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PO Soon: Washed Out - Mr. Mellow

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3 minutes ago, lethalenforcer said:

Another perk of the "test press"  is that they're shipping now, versus waiting until mid-August for any other version.

Oh didn't even realize that. I've heard bits and pieces of the record I've loved what I heard but when I tried to listen to the video version all the extra shit was taking me out of it, excited to spin this one.

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59 minutes ago, lethalenforcer said:

If their mockup is fairly accurate I'd say the colorway they chose is pretty good




Still having a hard time believing that the Rough Trade variant hasn't sold out of preorders...

Yeah that is a better color. I assumed mustard yellow would be that brownish yellow color. 

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1 minute ago, ethereal said:

idk what you think I said but im

just saying it isn't surprising they haven't sold out yet. I've seen way more sought after/limited releases sit on RT for a while

= what happens when "Yes Lawd!" is  more commonly understood as a saying of agreement rather than an album title.

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Based on the track listing on the Amoeba page, it looks like there are only 5 songs on the album that are 3 min or longer. The remaining 7 tracks are short, many less than a minute long. 


I'm gonna stream on YouTube first because this barely seems like an "album". Haven't done the math but am wondering if this even clocks in over 30min.


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