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The Mule

Removing What Looks Like Paint Spatter from an LP

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Just got a nice copy of a record that was on my want list. Sounds great except on side two, track one there's a spot that looks like it may be paint spatter or something similar. At first glance I thought it was just a big piece of dust or paper from the original sleeve. But once I began cleaning the record on my Okki Nokki, I found that this spot did not come off. The record sounds fantastic, but at that one spot, this glob of whatever it is causes 4 or 5 super LOUD pops right in the middle of the song. Ugh.


Can anyone recommend any methods by which I might safely remove something like this from the surface of the record? I'd be fine with simply reducing the volume of the "pops" but I really can't stand listening to it the way it is... I can snap a pic of the spot tomorrow if that would help... Ideas?

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