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PO: The Horrors - V (09/22)

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The Horrors' fifth studio album is being released on September 22nd, 2xLP with signed print available from the official store above. Doesn't look like there will be regular and deluxe vinyl versions like Luminous had, just the regular double LP. This is also their first album (aside from Strange House, of course) not released by XL.


First single "Machine" was released a few weeks ago:


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So... I am actually really, really enjoying this. Way more than I thought I would. The first half especially feels like a lovechild of Skying and Strange House, and yet somehow it works (and it's gnarly as hell live.) Something to Remember Me By is the sad goth disco anthem I never knew I needed. The record itself is a great package - glossy gatefold with full-color inner sleeves and a WAV download, and it's only 20 bucks at Bull Moose.


This release is a perfect reminder of why they're one of my all-time favorites even though I really haven't thought about them much in the last few years - falling in love with a band all over again is a great feeling. :wub:

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This is by far the best record they have done since Primary. It certainly has some of the dancy elements that were on the last 2, but also has a rawness and guitar outburst at times that makes it different


I was a little disappointed when I got the record as I thought the  online images were that the record had a Japanese OBI but its printed on artwork

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