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Marantz 6300 NOT WORKING

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This one like most Japanese decks has a transformer in it so that is the most likely thing to go first and it depends how long it lived with 240V as to whether anything after it got damaged in the process.


Looking at the circuit there is a neon and a resistor across the primary of the transformer which may have also gone and there are some smoothing capacitors on the way in.

The up./down and manual/auto switches are shown in the diagram in positions that don't complete the supply circuit so if you if you didn't smell burning when you powered it up and had the switches in the right position then you might have been lucky but I very much doubt it and I'd be looking at the transformer first.


Unfortunately the fist rule of electricity is that everything electric contains smoke and sooner or later it has to come out.

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Provided your now powering from 120V rather than 240V if your comfortable doing so and qualified it looks like your going to have to get busy with a volt meter to see where the problem lies. remember 120V will still give you a nasty tickle. If you can read 120V on the primary and nothing on the secondary then the transformer is your first and hopefully only casualty.


The Neon may well still work as it's on the primary side of the transformer and a lot more robust but that doesn't mean the transformer is any good still, The circuit doesn't say what the secondary voltage is but looking at the values that are given I would say between 36V and 40 V, so if it is gone you are looking for a transformer with a 240V primary and a 36-40V secondary that will fit in there which shouldn't be that difficult to find. The VA rating won't be very high as it's not exactly powering anything substantial.

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hello friend I had the same problem connect my turntable 6300 (120 v) to an amplifier (220) I turn a moment and then I heard a sound and it stopped and it does not move anymore, the light sends, I would like to know more about the fault, that was finally Did you have a solution? I will appreciate your information, my mail [email protected]


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