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PO: Converge - I Can Tell You About Pain 7"

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I think since NPR is involved they are officially  releasing the single from the YouTube link above, and possibly a 7" for it.  I think it's too soon after the recording was finished for them to put a PO up for the album. I think they would wait until the test pressing was approved. This is just my opinion, but then again I know nothing about Converge.

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Just now, ethereal said:

yeah, we know..

and you'll probably need help with the tour variant too, right?

looks like the song is already taken down 

i'm cool, not gonna post here about that sort of stuff anymore since it's annoying anyways. just gonna see them on tour if i want any sort of tour variant.


hoping it's a full album announcement, no 7" or whatnot, but any new material is good material.

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