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WTB: Gorillaz and The Used (edit just Gorillaz)

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Hello everyone I am fairly new here. I am looking for Gorillaz single collection 2001 - 2011 (2LP) and The Used lies for the liars. I looking to spend up to $75 on Gorillaz and $60 on The Used.  Also any help in finding a copy would be highly appreciated


Just looking for Gorillaz now I luckily found a new copy of Lies for Liars for $60 on ebay


Here is my ebay to check my rating to prove i will pay


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40 minutes ago, Twistedshabazz said:

welcome to VC.

I wish you luck in finding a copy of that gorillaz for under 60.  sells for minimum of like 85 and on average about 100. 

hopefully they will reissue it eventually.

Yeah it seems like they did a very small release of it, and most people don't want to sell. Might have to up my budget. Found one the other day on LetGo for 60 buy it was 200 miles away from me, and the guy didn't want to ship it. Just hope someone somewhere will be willing to sell for a reasonable price

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