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Which Ground Wire for a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon?

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So I recently got a used pro-ject debut carbon that doesn't have the ground wire for the phono preamp.  I'm wondering if what kind of wire matters in terms of using it for a grounding wire or if anything will do.  It's going to be connected to my bellari vp130.  Just wanted to know if I should grab any kind of wire from home depot or order something specific from amazon.

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Any wire should work but I think most of the HomeDepot grounding wires are copper and bare.

I would get a shielded one with the forks kind of like this one:


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On 17/01/2018 at 5:38 PM, ajxd said:

If you aren't spending at LEAST $500 on a ground wire, do not even post here.



I went cheap and bought a one for $495 and it was a complete unmitigated disaster, I for one won't be making that sort of mistake again.

From now on If the dialectic hasn't been hand rolled on the thighs of nubile hand maidens and the conductors hand drawn by a team of Yak's I'm out!!!

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