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First setup idea

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HI, everyone!


I'm a complete noob, but I've been doing a lot of reading and this is my idea for my first setup:

Sony PST-30 turntable (55e)

Kenwood KA-76 amp (45e)

Klipsch KG .5 speakers (70e)

I'll by a new at-95e (35e) for the turntable so I don't have to worry, and it should all together add up to 205e.

The speakers work at 50w (peak 200w) and 8ohm, while the amp has 100w at 8ohm, which I think is a good combination? 

Do you find that okay, both price-wise and setup-wise? I have a maybe 20m2 room.

Thank you in advance on the responses.


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