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PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

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At this point, I'm pretty sure Brand New is done with their fanbase. They hate the public eye and the "worship" they receive. And so be it; but pretty much any popular band has the same thing going on with their fans. It comes with the territory. But it's become such a blatant marketing scheme these last few years. It's one thing to continue to ignore it, but to capitalize on it is well... RSD Deja, 10-year-old demos on cassette, those stupid Halloween masks, announcing a breakup date two years in advance, the list goes on. It's gimmicky shit. And this caps it all off. $45 for "Fifth Album" on VERY LIMITED vinyl. Only thing worse than the gimmicks are the fans that fall for it. 


Only thing worse than the fans that fall for it is that I'm one of them...

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