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PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

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These guys are marketing geniuses...they could have spent a million dollars in marketing and it wouldn't have done anything even close to this...


You have to admit its fucking brilliant


There will have to be a retail variant of this at some point...just relax and be patient

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holy shit


so I was having lunch when I saw BN's tweet and clicked the link on my phone. it was taking a long time to load and I was done with lunch anyway so I went back to my desk to try to load it on the computer, which didn't happen.


went to look at something else on my phone, and turns out it did actually get added to the cart on my phone. so for shits and giggles, figuring there's no way it was gonna work 45 minutes later and with it having long since sold out, I went through with placing the order... and it worked!


kind of amazed at this insane luck tbh

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This pisses me off. At least have the decency to announce a time it'll go up for sale so people can get ready and have a fair chance. I have their tweet notifications on for this reason but was working and saw it 30 mins later... gone. 

Their merch page on their website says "maintenance" so I'm hoping they just got hit so hard their sites went down. 

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