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PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

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1 hour ago, Saxonjulin said:

I don't think it will be delayed. My record store has already been told what we are getting from the label. They have them in hand. I can't speak for the super limited but I know at least the indie exclusives will be on our door step any day now.

Is there a street date on the indie or can you put it out as soon as it arrives?

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6 hours ago, ejc625 said:

I honestly don’t know. The person said they ordered the limited vinyl and showed a shipping notification email. 

Same thing happened on reddit yesterday. I will presume it was the same person, and they either didn't properly read the shipping email and notice it wasn't for the vinyl, or they're just looking for delicious internet karma by being a dipshit. 


Edit: nevermind, I missed your original post, but think your post was about the reddit post? Ignore me. 

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Just realized I got this e-mail from Bullmoose:



Thanks again for your order!
We just wanted to let you know that the release of:

BRAND NEW/SCIENCE [email protected] EXCLUSIVE [email protected] ARE TBD (616892531647)

Has been delayed until Dec 31, 2025. It was previously scheduled for Dec 25, 2025. We’re very sorry about this!


Looks like we got a little bit of a wait on our hands

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46 minutes ago, ryantark said:

Based on irresponsible research, my guess is UK import. BM also has it listed. 

If that's the case, it's black vinyl, so probs not the indie/red+blue variant. Unless someone can point it out, I've not seen any blue+red/indies UK/EU preorders for this, just regular :( (which I'm totally fine with btw, but, y'know, VARIANTS etc)

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2 hours ago, KingTacoMunster said:

So I have an indie at bullmoose and thinking about canceling, revisited the album and meh. Before I do, I figured I'd ask and see if anyone needs an indie before I do. As always, cost and shipping only.

I forgot that I ordered the indie twice--this is probably a good reminder to cancel one of those

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