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PO-Rural Alberta Advantage -The Wild

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The RAA's new album is up for pre-order at Saddle Creek and their Canadian Label, Paper Bag Records.


The Saddle Creek exclusive is limited to 250 on translucent orange vinyl.



The Paper Bag Records Exclusive is limited to 200 on frosted vinyl and also comes signed by the band.


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Finally made the trek down to Paper Bag Records at lunch today to pick up my frosted copy.


Packaging looks nice. Comes with download code and lyrics sheet. Jacket is just a sleeve, no gatefold. The "frosted" vinyl is just kind of a translucent white. It reminds me of the ACx10 LP set that Arts & Crafts did a few years back.

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I thought it went like this:

Paper Bag Records:

Frosted / 200 / sold out

Yellow / 200 (?) / sold out

Black / ?? / available


Saddle Creek:

Translucent Orange / 250 / sold out


Looks like Saddle Creek is selling black copies now too.


No idea what retailers have in stores.


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