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The Mule

Recommendations for Surf/Mexican/Spaghetti Western Stuff

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I love Ennio Morricone soundtracks, Dick Dale, Calexico, Link Wray's "Apache"... Looking for some great albums on vinyl that I might not already have heard. I like the "For A Few Guitars More" compilation, but I believe it's only available on CD. Love trumpet and surf guitar together (as on Dick Dale's "Misirlou")... I think that gives a pretty good idea what I'm looking for... Anyone got some cool suggestions for me? 

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Check out sandy pussy. Gross name but awesome doom inspired surf rock. Also check out secret chiefs 3 for middle eastern surf spaghetti western hybrid music. There's some metal in there occasionally but its amazing. Book M, Book of Horizons, second grand constitutions and bylaws are their best albums.

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