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Rega Aria vs Rogue Ares Phono Pre

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When I bought my Cronus Magnum my dealer STRONGLY suggested I get a separate phono pre-amp when I had the money together. 


He has suggested the Rega Aria as well as the Rogue Ares.  I'm curious if anyone on here has either and what they think.


I have a pair of B&W CM8's and a Scout with a 2M Bronze.





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They are both very different takes on the same thing. I've heard the Rega but not the Rogue and great as the Rega is I would expect the Rogue to have the edge in that system but don't take that as a recommendation its just an educated guess.


As @Tardcore says your dealer should be able to demo them for you and at that level ideally let you take them home and try them in your system but yes please let us know how you get on as I'd be interested to know as well

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