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Setup Advice/Opion Appreciated (Rear Speakers)

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I have a question for the board, and it's mainly a curiosity on how others view this particular thing that I'm going back and forth on in my mind. I know there's no "right" way to do things and it's all a matter of personal taste-I'm simply trying to get a feel for how others might view this.

I have my turntable going into my receiver, which has a five speaker+woofer setup (which I use for playback of movies/TVs/5.1 audio).

On each of the receiver's channel (e.g. AV, HDMI, etc.), I have the option for profiles, which covers speaker configuration on a channel by channel basis.

For those that run a similar setup, how important is it to you to have the rear surround speakers disabled for vinyl playback?

I obviously want to keep them for the 5.1 HIDMI channel, and for the Bluetooth channel (where I playback digital music from my cloud service), I also prefer to have all 5 speakers plus the woofer going as a matter of personal taste.

For the stereo AV channel my turntable goes into, I currently have it set to the 5 speaker plus woofer setup, which puts a seemingly even mirror of the L/R speakers into the L/R rear surround speakers, and puts what appears to be a mono like composite in the front center speaker.

But I have been toying with the idea of using the other option which is a 2 speaker plus woofer setup-this eliminates the front center speaker and two rear speakers.

Both sound good to my ears, but I get the sense that limiting the turntable to two speakers is a more "authentic" vinyl listening experience, especially when it comes records pressed in the 60s/70/s/80s.

So what say you? I'm curious to see what this board thinks.

Thanks for reading, and please see my sig for my current setup.

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In my AV setup I've got one of your amps bigger brothers but my front speakers basically negate the need for a sub for audio and I run mine in proper 2ch only mode so L and R front speakers only and nothing else when I do put a record on through it. There is a sub in the system which does run when needed in all the AV modes but for audio use it does nothing and I have a mode that is just 2ch without the sub.


The front speakers and the amplifier were selected with 2ch audio in mind with my logic being unless its Mono the music was encoded in Stereo and I want to remove as many of my amps electronic processing functions for listening to audio as possible which means all the other channels and all their processing serve only as a hindrance. So while it will never be proper 2ch HiFi it does do a pretty good job especially with Yamaha being a HiFi manufacturer 1st and an AV manufacturer 2nd. 


With others I've tried it doesn't make much of a difference when trying to use them for audio or AV but people like Rotel, Yamaha and to a slightly lesser extent Pioneer seem to do a much better job of making an amp that works for AV and is usable for HiFi.

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