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Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

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Got my second package in last night!  Between the package straight from Deathwish, and the package straight from my SS, here's everything I got:




Deathwish package:

- Converge  - No Heroes (transparent red w/ black smoke)

- Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind (clear w/ black smoke)


Sooo happy to have these.  I've been slowly trying to complete the Converge discography and this helped so much.  I actually haven't even listened to these albums yet, but I'm really excited to finally do that.



Secret Santa package:

- Merchandise - After The  End (green)

- Power Trip - Manifest Destination (black)

- Touche Amore & Self Defense Family - Self Love (orange)

- Creative Adult/Self Defense Family - Split (unknown color, haven't opened yet!)

- 28 Weeks Later DVD

- Stephen King's "11/22/63" book

- 2 mix CD's

- A nice note


I've actually never heard of Merchandise or Power Trip but I'm definitely interested to sit down and listen.  Especially to Merchandise because after reading about what they sound like, it seems like I'll be into them.


I've kind of stepped away from buying 7"'s myself, but it's always bothered me that I never got around to getting that Touche Amore/SDF split because I have almost all of Touche Amore's other stuff, so thanks so much for that!


Never listened to Self Defense Family in general before either, so it'll be nice to check out that other split 7" as well.


Now, I never mentioned before, but I own like... a shit ton of DVD's and blu-rays.  And I OWN 28 Days Later, and I've SEEN 28 Weeks Later.  My wife was sitting with me when I opened 28 Weeks Later and I turned to her and said "we have to have this already, right?"  Mainly because I'm weird and if I own a movie, I usually have to own the sequels to that movie as well.  And my wife said "yeah I'm pretty sure we do."  So I went and looked in our movie room and I couldn't believe it, but we actually DIDN'T have it.  So that right there is pretty amazing, so thank you!


I've been on a pretty huge Stephen King kick throughout most of 2017, and it's carried on into 2018 (currently reading Gerald's Game), so getting 11/22/63 was awesome.  I'll be honest in saying that it isn't one of his stories that I personally felt like I wanted to go out and buy myself, but knowing that I have it, I'll definitely be starting it here soon and since it IS Stephen King we're talking about here, I know it'll suck me right in and I'll end up loving it.  Plus I'll feel better checking out the show on Hulu after!


I'm incredibly excited to check out the 2 mix CD's.  Whatever is on them is a mystery because there was no tracklist or info about them whatsoever, which I love.  Any chance I get to listen to something new that I otherwise may not have went out of my way to check out myself is always a good thing.  I'm sure I'll end up discovering a couple new favorite bands at least.  Don't be surprised if you get a PM from me asking what certain songs are (unless it's as easy as inserting the CD into my computer and having iTunes do the work for me).



So, with that being said:  by going from the "starting" zip code that was on the box, which came back as coming from Florida, and other special detective work, I'm going to guess that my SS is @jhulud!


Thanks so much man, really.  I love everything.

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21 hours ago, batman said:

Last week I got another package from @themeconspiracy ... this awesome print by Luke Chueh. I love it, thank you!!



Yay! I love Luke Chueh so much and saw that print a few years ago and was like "man, I hope I get Batman for Secret Santa one day so i can get him this" then when i got you, i couldn't remember where I saw it. I happened to stumble upon it again randomly and had to go for it. Glad you love your Chueh bat bear!

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EDIT:  Got my computer back online and my post was still waiting for me!


@backpackoat KILLED it!




  1. Gooey Louie - Your note:  This was my FAVORITE game to play with my parents as a kid.  I haven't played this in 20 years and can still tell you what the gooeys feel like.  I hope your son enjoys it as much as I did.  Merry Christmas.
    • I've never actually played this, but my son was STOKED on it!  I had him help me open the package and he immediately made me play it with him (he's partial to losing though, haha!)
  2. Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence - Your note:  I am not a super creative person so I opted to get you two records I was sure you would want instead of risking something you wouldn't.  I hope you enjoy this, I was super impressed by this EP this year.  Love me some Reznor.
    • I have been wanting to pick this up so badly since it came out, but since it wasn't limited I was being good and waiting for later when I had some more cashflow.  This is probably my favourite work of his since Fragile, I could have The Background World loop forever.
  3. Celldweller - S/T
    • One of my top 10 albums of all time, seriously so so good.  Honestly the perfect gift, thank you!
  4. Labyrinthe Blu-Ray - Your note:  Boy I sure hope you have a blu0ray player.  This was a movie that I felt can be enjoyed by both you and your son and hopefully fits into your description of films you enjoy.
    • YES!  I do have a blu-ray player and I LOVE this movie, I'm sure Corbyn will too he's totally into all the fun dark/creepy stuff like Scooby-Do and Nightmare Before Christmas.
  5. The Little Prince book! - You note: For the rest of your gifts this year, I decided I would lean towards things that you can enjoy with your son. In honesty I've never read this book, but its accolades are endless and it seems about as sci-fi as you can get for a young child.
    • Dude... I had forgotten about this book for over 25 years... it was one of my favourites as a young child and looking back was probably key in solidifying my love for sci-fi. This is an incredibly thoughtful gift and I’m sure Corbyn will love it as soon as he has the attention span for a longer book.

This is such a thoughtful package, I love that you included my son and did such a great job picking gifts. You seriously knocked it out of the park!

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10 hours ago, daegor said:

This is such a thoughtful package, I love that you included my son and did such a great job picking gifts. You seriously knocked it out of the park!

Next time I get to Canada I challenge you to a match of Gooey Louie! First to pop the brain gets a wishlist record for the other person. Glad you enjoyed it all.

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