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7 hours ago, mrewest said:

This album is the (@[email protected]).  Pissed about that Friends press!  Might snag the Euro.  Under $30 shipped!

It really is great! I cannot stop listening to it.  My buddy and I drove up to Jacksonville on Saturday to see Hidden Hospitals, and I played it for him. He loved it so much he actually ordered the vinyl as well.

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I ordered the clear the other day when it went back up, lucky to be able to grab it!

It's a really nice album, love the mood and atmosphere it creates, but... something is bothering me about it. I'm not really able to describe it other than, it just feels odd to listen to at times. Mostly because I know the style of Nothing, and I can hear it in a LOT of the songs, and its hard to separate the two bands in my head to give it the credit it might deserve. But I keep wanting to hear Nothing in the songs, and its throwing me off. 

That Sax in the last song though :wub:

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For those looking for the euro pressing...


Act quick this will SELL OUT.  


Been blaring this on repeat since it came out.  Perfect record from start to finish.  I officially have every copy minus the ridiculous friends press (splatter variant) /10 and the test press.  My Nothing/death of lovers collection is coming along nice.

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The Band has released some leftover merch on an app - depop


download the app and search for user @youngnickross  - 


They had all 3 record release LP's but they look like they are sold out. Still tons of shirts and long sleeves


Anyone have a Philly Record release edition they want to trade for a NYC one?? 

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