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PO: My Bloody Valentine - Loveless and Isn't Anything

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1 minute ago, Your Ex-Wife said:

Could be kinda like people getting around losing the rights to their back catalog by rerecording new versions. The actual analog tape rights could be the reason, so they'd be licensing the deluxe and producing as much of the digital standard version that they want.

Yeah, that's actually a really clever thought about why this could be happening. Seems to be  the most likely reason. But what a dumpster fire to contend with. We need to make new record labels as co-operatives to try to shift the power into artists' hands instead of some cabal of suits who just gatekeep and lord the possession of rights over people.

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3 minutes ago, SeanPuffy said:

What the fuck. I started this thread and I still only own a bootleg of Loveless. I don't know what to do. Wondering if locals are getting these at all. Of course this is a shit show again.

Here's what I'm gathering: 

Isn't Anything and Loveless are only available to EU distribution. The official store had copies of standard Isn't Anything and Loveless that will ship from the US but the Loveless allotment  has sold out, so new orders will ship from UK.  Unclear if they'll restock in the US store. Though, I would assume if they planned to these would say 'sold out' to US instead of splitting shipments. 


The Domino announcement implies that all the standard LPs will stay in print for at least a while, unlike the 2018 reissues but it's not 100% clear.


The mbv LP has less restrictions because sony doesn't hold US distribution rights, so that one will be available from US distros. 



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27 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

I’m sure the standards will trickle over as imports. But it’s a bummer that Sony didn’t want to play ball with them. 



$39 shipped to the states

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3 minutes ago, spoon said:

Did Juno people receive an email confirmation? The order is showing on my Juno account but nothing in my inbox and the charge is currently $0 in my banking app 🤔

Same here. No email confirmation yet. Looks like they do not bill until it ships:

"Your card is not charged until your order has been picked, packed and is ready for despatch."


I've only ever ordered a couple things from them over the years and had no issues, but I suppose that they could oversell this.

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3 hours ago, mcpherson123 said:

If you had a AAA final retail version of your record on vinyl, why would you press only a partition of your manufactured stock that way and then do a separate master including digital conversion?


Who would ever do this and why?

One set of lacquers can be used to create metal parts for pressing up to 100,000 copies, probably less. After that a new set of lacquers is required which gets plated. Cutting new sets of AAA lacquers using the tape which was  created for this purpose is a lot more complex than cutting from digital files.

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57 minutes ago, natenomm said:

Ordered from Juno and got a confirmation email immediately along with a PayPal order submission. Probably going to cancel my JB HiFi order, because paying $14 extra for some guitar picks seems excessive.

Same. Might wait to cancel the JB Hifi order just in case Juno oversold though. 

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