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PO: My Bloody Valentine - Loveless and Isn't Anything

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Received my deluxe copy of Loveless today. The packaging is nice and sturdy, albeit less hefty than, say, the recent Mount Eerie/Microphones issues. The custom inner sleeve are a nice touch, first time I've seen them done like that. Vinyl is thick and looks clean, didn't have the chance to spin it yet, though.

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5 hours ago, INRIhab said:

MBV's official store has all the deluxe editions and the bundle  back up under preorder. The date is October 20, 2021 if anyone is interested in waiting until then. 



looks like loveless deluxe is shipping to the US too (for now).

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On 5/19/2021 at 3:37 PM, fondfarewell said:

Recordstore.co.uk shipping too. All three.

And received today. No tracking in the email, but ended up being FedEx overnight. Nice. 

Came in a decent mailer with the extended sides to protect against corner dings, and LPs are in top shape. I’ve seen others say they use flimsy packaging. Maybe true for single LPs, though I’ve ordered  from them before and don’t recall the packaging being bad (or at least, there were no issues). 

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