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PO: Colossal - Colossal EP (Previously known as "Brave the Elements")

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Colossal's stunning debut EP, informally known as "Brave the Elements" is just as powerful and impressive as the day it was released. Featuring incredibly tight, masterful instrumentation with soulful vocals that combine in a unique package that no other band could hope to replicate. Whether you've been waiting for this for years or you've never heard it before, you are in for a treat. 

Co-release with Topshelf, with each label carrying an exclusive color. Each order comes with a digital download.


CYLS Exclusive (250 Navy):



Topshelf Exclusive (250 opaque cream with red marbling):



Listen: https://countyourluckystars.bandcamp.com/album/colossal

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On 12/19/2017 at 12:26 AM, topshelfsquad said:

happening at some point!

Your post inspired me to fiiiinally spin this, and it sounds absolutely incredible. Giving these songs a new life that my low bit-rate mp3 version from years ago smudged over. Also dammit if "Revisionary" isnt a timeless tune, still as cutting as the first time i heard it.

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Ooooh snap! Picking this up for sure. 

The question is.... which variant?

Turns out... the decision was easy. Topshelf records (who sells the white/red variant)
currently has 17% off any and all items released in 2017. This Included.
Got it w/ shipping for under 17$.


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