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Kanye West

PO Literally Anywhere - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland

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I wonder what vinyl variants they'll put up? Could just be standard black only, not that it'll stop me from ordering it!


Just received my two copies of the ATO reclaimed variants today, be interesting to see how they'll sound. From what I've read from others on here, apparently they're not as bad as first assumed. :)

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7 minutes ago, ethereal said:

I’m predicting an unlimited black pressing and a limited clear version, since they did white for sketches and they haven’t done clear for a variant on any album yet.

any other guesses?

Yeah, that's what i'm thinking too. I get the feeling that the band are slowly moving away from doing colour versions, perhaps because of all the ridiculously high up-priced flipping these days. After all, they want folks to listen to their music, makes sense to just do Black vinyl now, now that they're getting a bigger audience. Like so many others, I only discovered them last year via the excellent Nonagon Infinity....and since been snapping up as many of the previous albums and all of this year's.

So, I reckon the same, like you say Ethereal.

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1 hour ago, craigeduk said:

Cool, I've got the Green one on the way!


Got 2 of the Bear Tree versions this week (Twisted Stripe & Beer Splatter) - 4 received in total so far

Ah..good that beer splatter one is one i'm waiting for too..got the Twisted Strip one the other day. I've noticed that Bear Tree have put up yet another variant..a repress - light blue splatter version this time..limited to 250 copies.....but I really must stop...I've got too many..over 30 now I think..enough is enough! This album could just go on forever couldn't it....even I lost interest in cataloguing every blinkin' variant now!


Anyway..for anybody that's interested here's the link,,be quick though..there's only 7 left, out of 250!



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