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PO SOON: Snot - Get Some

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On 10/23/2017 at 1:25 PM, angryalan said:

Pre-order links:

Amazon US — $30.99

Bullmoose (US) — $26.97

ImportCDs (US)— $22.23

Acoustic Sounds (US) — $27.98

Amazon UK — £22.43

Amazon Germany — € 25.99

Face The Music (Hungary) — 6 290, -

Vinyl Junk (Belgium) — € 21.99

Shiny Beast (Netherlands) — € 26.95

Updated the first post.

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Just got an email from Amazon saying they can't fulfill the pre-order i put in for this due to lack of availability.  This is the 2nd time this has happened to me through Amazon.  It was in the back of my mind when i put in my order but thought maybe that first time was just a fluke.  Bogus deal.  Can't seem to find it authentically "available" from any place in the US.  Bullmoose says it's not available, Acoustic Sounds still has PO up with arrival date TBA.  Hmmmm... maybe we just need to wait for some copies to make it to the US?

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1 minute ago, hookups96 said:

You had me worried cause I ordered through Amazon, but I just checked my account and it will be arriving today. I feel like I waited a few days to order too cause I was holding out for a colored copy. But it looks like they are only doing black.

Mine was due to arrive today too, but I also got the Amazon "can't fulfill" email this morning.

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7 minutes ago, thesecrets0308 said:

i just put in an order with Best Buy.  They have it listed for $29.99 and no indication that it isn't in stock.  I guess we'll see...



Let us know if you get a shipping notice.

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Just now, yarostino said:

I got my copy here in Germany a while ago and it sounds fantastic.


The record seems to be on backorder at Amazon.DE as well as JPC.de, too... but the black MOV copies are usually kept in print for a while, right?

Yeah, more than likely I'd be able to snag this in a week or two no problem when some finally start to make it over to the States but without fail... every time there is an album I really want coming out, i always feel i need to secure one ASAP or miss out.  hehe

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