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I can completely understand some of the disdain for how these were dropped. Forgetting the timing aspect and the colored-vs-black minutiae for a moment, part of the problem that I witnessed was the lack of response when asked if there were any more releases on the way. 

And I realize that these bands and labels and sites don’t have to give any information, but when you juxtapose Pale Chord's and Spiritbox's engagement about the S/T rerelease, when it was happening, whether they were in-hand or not, and the other continued communication between the band/label and the twittersphere during these past couple of weeks, one can't help but feel a little annoyed with the lack of information as it didn't unfold. 


TL:DR; I'm new here...just upping my post count lol 

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On 11/3/2021 at 9:30 PM, rabbitvinyl said:

…I was a bit afraid after taking it out because I noticed a cluster of tiiiny indents/almost punctures? halfway through side A, but it plays through just fine somehow. Phew! 

Huh, I have these same pockmarks on my copy. Glad to know they don’t affect anything. Good eye!

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Well ill just beat everyone else to the punch and be the punching bag for saying I hope thats not the final album art, ha!
But of course MEGA STOKE for new tunes from them, really liked their most recent few singles. 

Also, if anyone snagged any of the Newbury Variants, and has since decided they would rather have a *reasonable* amount of cash, let me know.

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