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Anybody who has clicked into this thread has probably heard one or both of these bands by now so I won't bother with a lengthy description of what they sound like.

We did a split LP for the two bands. STNNNG broke up while it was in production, so it features their final recordings (done just before the LP that came out earlier this year). CB recorded their songs (with Wes fuckin' Borland) before their lineup change this summer. So in many ways this is a swan song for both bands (though CB will chug along with new members). 

First (and probably only) pressing limited to 533 copies (241 clear w/black, 241 purple w/blue, 51 Wax Mage purple/blue nebula) and features a multi-color silkscreened A-side with art from Shawn Knight. Above picture is the "digital" cover - I think it's just a part of the screen art. Once they get screened next weekend, I'll post those pics too.  Pre-orders will start shipping November 13. You should also check out our other two releases from 2017 - full length LPs from SALVATION and ENGINES. 




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STNNNG holds a special spot for me, because they were the first band I got so obsessed with, I had to buy their record (before I had a turntable - my secret shame). I bought Dignified Sissy as my first Discogs purchase around 5 years ago. Thus began my hobby.

That being said, I wasn't thrilled with Empire Inward and figured the creative juices dried up a bit. Veterans of Pleasure wasn't bad but it didn't grab my attention.

THAT being said, I'm a sucker for Wax Mage and easy to buy test presses of bands I love. Thanks for posting this. I wasn't aware they were done as a band either.

9 remaining Wax Mage btw.

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