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Problem with listening to my vinyl through my computer

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Hello, I'm fairly new to vinyl and I'm having a bit of trouble. I recently got an AT-LP60  which I have connected to my laptop through an AUX cord to Line-in on my laptop. Through there, I have all of my audio default to going through my Blue Yeti USB mic through the headphone jack and into my ATH-M50x s. It's not pretty, but it works...only in my left ear. The vinyl audio only ends up going to my left ear in my ATHs.  I have checked with multiple records, and the problem persists. With such a complex setup, I understand that there likely isn't one clear answer. What should I check to troubleshoot? Thanks in advance.

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1- Play Lp60 out of laptop speakers. Comes out of both L and R? Move on.  (Do laptops do stereo? I’m assuming so. Or, does the LP60 have a direct headphone jack to try?)

2- Lose the Yeti, test via headphone jack out of laptop into headphones. Comes out both L and R? Move on. 

If it fails 1, it’s the LP60, cord, or computer. 

If it fails 2, it’s the headphone jack, cable, or headphones. 

If it passes 1 and 2, it’s the Yeti. 


Someone check my logic. The basics...test with as few components as possible, expanding as things continue to work. 


Also, mods, move this to equipment section. 

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