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PO: Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love (2-16-18)

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5 hours ago, xfactor675 said:

this is a medium ok (just like anything post lack long after), the chorus is meh.


Still disappointed in them they didn't even try to recreate the mood of the old songs live (cough screaming cough)

He could scream when I saw him in 2012 and even early 2014. But their December 2014 hometown show he had a really hard time screaming. I haven't seen them since.

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1 hour ago, ethereal said:

this is a stretch 

I mean for me its god tier, partly to do with when it came into my life it resonated and still does very powerfully. I like their screamy stuff too but Keep You is definitely my favourite record of theirs. My opinion is obviously at odds with a lot of people here just on that alone. 

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