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212 Margarita

PO Now: Superchunk - What a Time to be Alive

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New Superchunk record! It’s a record, says Mac, “about a pretty dire and depressing situation but hopefully not a record that is dire and depressing to listen to.”




LP:  Black vinyl housed in a reverse-finish cardstock inner sleeve with artwork and lyrics, within a reverse-finish jacket. Album download included.

Peak Vinyl: Limited-edition pressing on pink & clear swirl vinyl. Includes a 12” × 24” foldout poster and album download.

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18 hours ago, AlexH. said:

Got my peak vinyl in the mail today. Album rules, but the vinyl is a Pirates Press color-in-color job, and it reminded me of why I do my best to avoid their fancy color pressings. Noisy and shrill as fuck, Hopefully it will be better after a good cleaning. 

No noise issues on my copy. Warped nicely and had to spend time in the vinyl flat to correct

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5 hours ago, NapalmBrain said:

Been playing this at work all week, I have to say...

pretty good season 9 GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

Musically this is their most aggressive album since On the Mouth album. Doesn't have the big hooks like the last two albums

Lyrically is certainly reflective of the current US political state


As a total Superchunk nerd, after 3 listens I give it a 7/10







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