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NBRS Baneful

WTB/LF: Chon, Stick To Your Guns, Animals As Leaders, I See Stars, Bizzy Bone, Through Fire

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I am looking for the following records and cds. If you have any and are willing to part ways, please feel free to hit me up.

Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion (Promo CD)

Bizzy Bone - Crossover 2010 EP (CD)

I See Stars - 3D (CD With Correct Tracklisting)

Chon - Grow (Opaque White Vinyl)

Stick To Your Guns - Diamond: Decade Edition (Merchlimited box set vinyl/screenprinted cover)

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7 minutes ago, NBRS Baneful said:

It was actually. Check discogs and I confirmed it with Sumerian. I have never seen it before but apparently it was a merchnow exclusive.

that's weird.  looks like only two people claim to own it but sold out when it was available?

seems similar to what happened with Homey when the half/half variant purchasers were sent a splatter variant that never existed (and still doesn't).

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I know that these titles/variants are not specifically what you're asking for, but I'm freeing up dupes/variants to make room for a baby and if you can forgive the shameless self promotion you may be interested in:

AAL - Madness of Many (cream/480)

Periphery - III (blue/200)

Periphery - III (clear/blue/???)

Periphery - III (orange/500)

Periphery - Juggernaut (white/100)

Periphery - S/T (2nd press clear w/blue/white/500)

Periphery - S/T (1st press blue & white mix/50)

CHON - Homey (yellow/red Splatter/???)

CHON - Homey (opaque white/red splatter/500)

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