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I love how instead of just being like "yeah it was hyperbole my bad I work in customer service and wouldn't act that way." We get this shit... holy shit. You said you threw a fit do you know what that is? Its a crybaby tantrum. That is exaggeration. We literally have labels on labels telling us how shipping and prices in general go up because of jackasses that can't handle corner dings. So yeah it hits a nerve and if not him getting annoyed over it there will surely be someone else in any thread you post in. 

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2 hours ago, The Ghost of Randy Savage said:

Sure do.


No, I dont, but coming in here acting like you threw a fit over something and got a full refund, when you just sent a polite email is a great way to get other people to actually throw a fit to a customer service rep, which makes their day worse.


That person just came in here wanting to seem "cool" by acting like they made someone's day suck to get a refund, so they exaggerated what happened. That's annoying to me.

ah okay, I get where you're coming from.  I totally agree as well but it seemed like quite a few people were receiving damage, which can be kinda frustrating for a nice release like this.  i'm not saying it warrants the immature communication with customer service, but it sounds like they might have walked themselves into this one.

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