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PO NOW: Glassjaw - Material Control (12-1-17)

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i saw them shortly after EYEWTKAS came out supporting deftones on one of their white pony tours. 99% of the crowd didn't give a shit about glassjaw at all. it was a bit of an odd venue to see those bands in (mostly seats with a revolving stage) but daryl still jumped around and the band moved a lot. unfortunately, i think most people just thought of them as deftones rip offs at the time and really hated sitting through them. year or two later i saw them with poison the well either right before or after worship and tribute came out (which is probably one of my favorite shows i ever went to back in the day) and pretty much eeveryone was losing their minds - band included. 


later on, i saw them in 2011 when they first started touring again and released the two EPs. they sounded good, even with just beck on guitar, but obviously the dynamic was very different.  moreover, they really seemed to throw people for a loop by just playing the coloring book ep as the encore. it was pretty obvious even then that they dont really seem to care for the EYEWTKAS material much at all.  that aside, my take was that daryl and beck just seemed like older dudes that had mellowed out over time.

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8 hours ago, angryalan said:

I was there too!

God damn, everyone went to the Northern Lights gig and I got sick and stayed home like an asshole. Super bummed forever. Missed them play there in 2001 too because I was 15.


Yeah, I'm responding to page 1 on page 3. Fight me.

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...or its just how they decided to send out promo copies of the album. i know theyve done similar things in the past, but if century media is really in on this release i cant see them doing something a little more conventional on a wider scale. heres to hoping, anyway.

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