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PO NOW: Glassjaw - Material Control (12-1-17)

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2 minutes ago, Secular Haze said:

Do you prefer black vinyl?


(reads Disclaimer)

Never mind the color, I prefer that single LP with about 34 minutes of music on it cost way less than $30. $20 before shipping is not great either but its way better than $30 plus shipping.

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3 hours ago, freezeflash said:

Looks like the vinyl & vinyl bundles are all sold out on glassjaw.com

Looks like they're starting to act like Glassjaw again.


You can't even be notified when the product comes back in stock but the option to be notified is offered on the page. Pure Glassjaw.

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11 hours ago, hookups96 said:

I don’t think they cared how many of each bundle they were selling. I’m sure it’s all made to order through Becks company. But I’m sure they only wanted to have to sign X number of records. 

For some of those things, there are MOQs from factories.  The pin set is a low MOQ and you can pay more if you want them really low (like 50 pcs).  But other stuff, like flags, typically will have a higher MOQ.


I’m sure they allotted an amount for signing.  It’ll suck if they don’t put it back up for $20 though.  That’s what it should cost.

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