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Helping a newbie with storage

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Hi all, I've finally taken the plunge into vinyl at the tender age of 34 and with the investment that goes into vinyl verses CDs I want to make sure I store them correctly.


I've read that vinyl should be stored vertically, however, does this strictly mean at 90 degrees, or can you get away with magazine style storage where your vinyl is at a 10-20 degree slant? 


Any help would be appreciated! Cheers

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Hey thanks for the comment. Trying to decide on the tone ... I am thinking walnut. What do you say?


Some key features of the creation .... I sat down with a pencil and piece of paper, then worked it backwards from my 10 requirements which were as follows :

  1. Collection of about 275 records - don't plan to go far past 300 records.
  2. Did not want them to be stacked like books on a shelf where you can only see the spine. Wanted to be able to flick through them for inspiration ...  as in a record store. i.e. Front facing
  3. Must store vertical - obviously
  4. Only a foot or so of depth available behind my char and the wall as you can see in the first pic. (The units ended up only 8" deep)
  5. Refused to let IKEA into our oldy-worldy study in central England - Got some IKEA in other rooms but not in the study.
  6. Worked out that the weight would end up circa 30 Kg or 65 lbs  per unit (I always wanted two rows). So about 150 lbs including the weight of the units. Heavy!
  7. Wanted to browse with one hand but retrieve or replace with the other hand ... so it needed the stack not to fall forwards
  8. At the same time as stopping the stack falling forward, I didn't want a bar or slat obscuring the art work on the sleeves!
  9. No screws showing when I was done with the construction
  10. I don't have too many machine-tools or too detailed a workshop but I am handy with basic tools.

It took a bit of head scratching but I am really pleased with the result even if I say so myself. The two bottom rows are identical and take 30 x 5 = 150 records each. The two top rows are for display only - they are only one record deep. There is a general order (by genre) per stack and the whole thing does change constantly in terms of the front record so it is effectively a live wall.

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