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Sigur Ros - 4 new LP's limited to 100 each ... just shoot me now ...

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13 hours ago, drds89 said:

Flipping records is a morally neutral proposition (though I know the vast majority here don't "like" it, including myself). The flipper does incur some risk.

However, the idea of buying something you have no intent  of listening to/or liking, and true fans miss out by a few minutes, ending up with the decision to pay multiples or go without, just has never set well with my conscience. And I know people lurk here for information to make their bets. I have bought a spare copy at times for fellow collectors (sometimes getting stuck with a spare), and also have bought things I ended up not liking and selling preferentially to people I know truly missed out and will not flip.

But to actually post here on a largely hobbyist site with a boastful spirit about flipping... you have to expect some flack (seems like ben has an asbestos suit)  and speculations of greed and small penis  syndrome.

it's bottom feeding. they are inject themselves as middle men into a process that doesn't need them at all. most of these records would sell out anyway, likely to people who really want to have them, without the flipper putting themselves into the mix. they just make it harder for everyone else and contribute to an artificial mark-up in price to make a few bucks. 

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Probably be cheaper actually going to Iceland to get them than buying from flippers.

I don’t think either of you was being a gentlemen, but the hostility towards you isn’t isolated to this single member in this single thread, it’s all over this message board, so the most obvious patte

...says the guy trying to flip this for $100 on discogs. kill yourself

During the US release when the site crashed, I was only able to secure Untitled and All Animals even though I had all four in my basket and checked out through PayPal and was left with no choice but to buy the other two at aftermarket prices. I picked up Liminal Remixes from Ben and Route One from a gent in the UK and although I'm not a big fan of paying inflated prices, the fact that I watched the number of available copies disappear quickly and the price of those remaining climb fast, I didn't want to risk missing out. Being a Sigur Ros fan from the start and having seen them live multiple times, I couldn't bear the thought of not having the full set and for me, was worth the high prices to complete the collection. Especially with only 1,000 of each available world wide.

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Edit: sale pending.

If anyone still wants these, I have 3 of the 4 (everything except the Alex Sommers one). I haven't listened to them yet. Just had a $1000 car repair, so I could use the money more than the records. Would prefer to unload them all to the same person but would definitely be willing to separate them. Message me with an offer if you're interested. I don't need stlben prices, but I'm not going to give them away either. 

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