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PO: GHOST - Ceremony and Devotion (Live 2xLP)

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30 minutes ago, brandy said:

Where does it say that the Cdon green is /1000 and the Ginza blue is /500?

From Reaktor Recordings facebook:


Ghost live album ”Ceremony And Devotion” is now available digitally and for pre-order. 2 x LP and 2 x CD (digipack). Reaktor Recordings will have five different, STRICTLY LIMITED versions, of the double-vinyl version. All vinyl are 140 grams, gatefold and include a beautiful 16 page booklet with live pictures.

CDON (Clear Green Vinyl – 1000 copies)
Bengans (Solid White Vinyl – 1000 copies)
Hotstuff (Solid Red Vinyl – 1000 copies)
Ginza (Solid Blue vinyl – 500 copies)

Clear Yellow Vinyl will also be available in most Scandinavian stores.

A limited edition of 2 x CD (digipack) will also be available with 16 page booklet. The physical versions will include “Elizabeth” and “Secular Haze” (not available digitally).


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33 minutes ago, lexicondevil said:

Back to Ghost. I saw them open up for Maiden and I wanted to like them, but I just found the whole performance cheesy, though they were technically excellent. It also bugged the shit out of me that he insisted on screaming, "Hello San Francisco!", when we were in Oakland. People from Oakland don't like that and he said it about five times. "Bay Area" would have been the smart and safe choice. Know where the fuck you're playing or you look like a dick. Maiden kicked ass!

LOL yeah myself and everyone around me screamed fuck San Fran when he did that. Maiden was amazing, which was a plus. TBF I feel that seeing Ghost as an opener was OK. It was way more tight and literally played nothing but the hits. Their headliner show was more entertaining. 

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On 12/8/2017 at 10:42 AM, roadmonkey said:

It's the same price as the vinyl and has less than 50% of the songs... because 8-track

There was no “need” to cut songs from this album. They made 90 minute “blank” 8-tracks back in the day.  :rolleyes:

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It's been put up on Amazon as a pre order now. $35.98 shipped if anyone wants to save a few bucks.




EDIT: This pressing is on black vinyl. 

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13 hours ago, Tawney Bomb said:

What are the odds I'm in Michigan the same day they're at the Fillmore, but I'm doing something else...might drive to Pittsburgh.

Kind of hoping that second leg is them opening for Metallica this fall/winter.

Metallica already announced that their opener is gonna be Jim Breuer and a DJ doing some sort of interactive thing with the fans including music, comedy, giveaways...


Where'd you hear November for Leg 2 Metal Mike?  I'm assuming they're gonna do Europe in the summer?


Also of interesting note is that the VIP includes a photo with 'Papa Nil and his newly anointed protege'.  

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