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PO NOW: Lorde - Melodrama

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1 hour ago, ACS___ said:

I think the Deluxe is limited considering the Lorde online store no longer has it available for sale. 

Yes, gone. I don't think we know how many were (initially) pressed but I wouldn't  sleep on it.  There don't appear to any other variants on offer at the moment.

What records have it at £24.99.


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Bummer, had an email from Norman to say they won't be getting the Deluxe after all. Apparently the distributor (Universal) who manufactures them is now bypassing shops completely and selling them themselves on their own direct to consumer website. If this is the correct link I can't see it anywhere so it doesn't look hopeful.  They probably discovered the stores were undercutting them.


All the other UK retailers have taken it down as well, but it is still showing as available via Bullmoose in the US so perhaps this only applies to the UK.

Update: Placed an order with Amazon.de who are still accepting pre-orders. Came in at £27 with shipping so I guess it's a case now of wait and see if they actually receive it.

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Amazon US sent me an email for my deluxe preorder saying they don't know if or when it will be in stock, so that seems to be a bust. Amazon.de still has some in stock though. Came out to $35 shipped for me and my Amazon US had been $33 including tax, so not bad overall.

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