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Finally!  The time has come for this fantastic debut to make it's vinyl unveiling! 


From Facebook:

Our newest release of the Best New Act of 2017 in Post-rock Listeners' Choice features 2 stunning variants with lots of fantastic features, limited to 100 and 136 copies only.

Pre-Orders start Friday, December 29th at 8PM / 20:00 Zurich time.
Official release is set for Friday, January 19th 2018.








*****I am trying to organize a group-buy for this for USA residents, send me a PM if you are interested!  Deluxe edition will be around 30euros, and the regular edition will slightly more expensive than their normal price due to the foil insert.  Perhaps anticipate 25euro just to be safe*****

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5 hours ago, anchorlessbodies said:

Grabbed the holographic slipcase edition, it looks pretty cool.  The album itself is a bit too much Mono worship for me at first listen but definitely giving it more chances.

Yeah there's some heavy Mono stuff I'm noticing now but I don't even care.  People are saying the new Silent Whale sounds too much like Mono and I couldn't disagree more.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm going to tag everybody here because it's easier than making a new thread, and I've just learned a valuable lesson haha.  I need to calculate prices based on Paypal's exchange rate, and not the Global market rate because they are not the same.  I'll end up eating $15 on this because Paypal's exchange rate took us from $435.36, which is what the actual exchange is (361.88 euro is what our total came to) and marked it up to $450.76.  I also should have built in some more buffer for fluctuating exchange prices too because I quoted you guys at about $.25 under what it ended up costing per record, based on the global rate today, and we have 12 records so that's $3 right there in difference. 


I feel like I'm being dishonest if I quote you guys higher than the exchange rate shows at the time I quote you.... but I guess we need to do that, in addition to calculating everyone's share based on the Paypal exchange rate, which I need to do some research on to see if that is always fixed, or how often that changes.  I didn't know their's differed that much from the global exchange rate to begin with. 


In any event, the invoice is paid and the records will be on our way soon!  Thanks guys! 


EDIT:  If you guys feel like chipping in another dollar or two each, that'd be appreciated but you don't have to.  I calculated everybody's percentages based off of the exchange rate given via Google for what the prices were, rather than Paypal's exchange rate.  So i covered the extra $15 we owed.  It's not breaking the bank, but after all the time it took coordinating this and then having to pay more, it's like "....really?"  lol.  The universe is having a laugh right now for sure!










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1 hour ago, EquinoxDesignLab said:

I will toss a few bills your way as well, Gumbo.


12 hours ago, shamrocks said:

i got a few dollars coming your way, i know how much that sucks to set something up and then get hosed


10 hours ago, MayCauseDeath said:

ill send you whats owed

Thank you guys, it's much appreciated.  Lesson learned for next time, definitely.  It mean it's basically just a couple dollars per person, but I feel awful about it because i fucked up. 

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On 1/8/2018 at 2:06 PM, ghost said:

@Gumbo72203 Hey, it's a lot of work to arrange stuff like this. I'm ready to send more $$ too.

Thanks dude.  Yeah this one was a lot haha, it was kind of a frantic last minute thing, and it's a struggle because I can't give accurate shipping quotes until I get confirmations from people so it's a big juggling act.  I don't mind doing it though because I love organizing these things so we can all get the things we want, and save a little bit of money in the process :) 


It makes it feel more like a community to me, because we're doing things in real life and not just talking to each other on a computer screen.  I live for that shit. 

Also thanks to everybody who has chipped in a few bucks, it's massively appreciated.  I've got our shipping materials all procured, so we're set there!  You guys are going to get battleships haha. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a little update guys, the pressing plant fucked up the holographic slipcase for the BLAK record so they were delayed a week.  Will be coming soon!



EDIT:  I'm glad we got our records when we did because Paypal's exchange rate has dropped even more, it's down to $1usd = .78 Euro so we'd be paying even more.  Sheesh. 

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37 minutes ago, Gumbo72203 said:

Hey guys!  They're here!  Everything came safe and sound.  I will get these out next week, unfortunately I am jam-packed the rest of the week between work, gigs, and school.  But I'll get this all sorted Tuesday next week when I finally have a day off.  They're looking gorgeous!

does that go for the dinosaur vinyl as well?

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On 2/7/2018 at 6:15 PM, ethereal said:

does that go for the dinosaur vinyl as well?

Yup everything is here!  All safe and sound.  I should have everybody's in the mail Tuesday or Wednesday... it might take me a bit to package them all up.  I think I have like 7 or 8 in total, I have to check again lol.  Lots of records!

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